How to Mix The Basics Pt 2 | Serato Intro | Scratch DJ Academy

In part two of our basic mixing tutorial, DJ Hapa is back using Serato Intro and the new Hercules JogVision DJ Controller.  In the video below, Hapa lays out the importance of repetition, noticing song structure, utilizing cue points, and boosting the energy of the crowd during your sets. DJ’ing, while very technical, is also dependent on knowing the crowd you play for, and knowing the music in your crates.


As always, you can’t learn everything from a tutorial. We offer more in-depth information on this technique and techniques like this in our DJ 101 class, but we think this will definitely have you headed in the right direction. Contact us for more information or click here to learn how to get a free DJ lesson. Check out How To Mix The Basics by watching the video below, or clicking HERE