How To Get an 808 Kick w/ Any Synth or VST | Watch And Learn | Krames

Vibes. I know people love to say that word so much nowadays, but what does it really mean? Vibrations. Vibrations can refer to a person’s emotional state, tremors, or oscillations in sound. One thing that can affect all three of those things at the same time is the 808 kick. Used in more hit songs than any other drum machine, the Roland TR-808 is iconic. The most notable sound from the 808 is its Kick.

In this episode of Watch And Learn, Krames shows us how to make an 808 Kick Drum sound with any synth or VST using a physical synthesizer. If you use Logic, Ableton, Native Instruments’ Massive, FM8, Serum, Absynth, Tone2’s Gladiator or any other software synth, this step is integral to learning about the fundamentals of synthesis. Check out the full video below.